Technology Education


The influence of technology in our daily lives is ubiquitous and soon every company in every sector will rely on technical competencies. According to the latest World Economic Forum report, by 2030, tech fields such as artificial intelligence, wearables and 3D printing will utterly “transform everything we experience and know about the economy today.”  



Our Program

Hello World offers a rigorous catalog of project-based learning experiences centered on students mastering concepts in emerging technology fields. Our content is a result of vigorous collaboration between educators and industry practitioners, introducing students to the creative power of technology. By providing hands-on training in today’s most relevant technology subject areas, Hello World’s program lays the building blocks for a successful career in tomorrow’s technology-driven world.

We are committed to creating an inclusive and supportive environment for each student. Students’ beliefs and attitudes about their potential, their willingness to take risks and their sense of belonging are critical all to their success. As a result, our educational philosophy and pedagogical practices also infuse lessons on non-cognitive skills such as learning from failure, perseverance and leading with curiosity.