Course Progression


All courses are project-based and track along various programming verticals including Python, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Java, C#, C++, and Swift. Each vertical includes 15 levels of mastery (Python example shown below) and the achievement of level 15 is comparable to the completion of various college-level courses in the select programming language. All courses are self-paced and students may graduate through multiple levels within one semester or one summer course.

Python levels.jpg



This level transitions students from “learning to code” to “coding to learn”; students undertake a sizable project as a means of learning about a specialized area of interest such as the environment, poverty, energy or healthcare.



This level enables students to contribute their knowledge and skills to a cause; students pair with an organization within the community to design and implement a project that the organization will use.



This level provides students with a learning experience that parallels those of professional engineers; students complete a large, independent project with various components such as a case study application and commented codebase